Giesemann’s New Lagoon Blue Powerchrome T5HO


Giesemann Lagoon Blue Powerchrome Spectrum

Despite all of the focus on LEDs as of late, Giesemann has just come out with a brand new T5HO bulb for fluorescent lovers. Called the Lagoon Blue, this latest addition to the Powerchrome lineup seems to be the perfect blend of blue and white light. It was developed for reef aquariums requiring higher PAR levels for optimum coral growth, but also provides a rich blue that enhances those rich coral colors. The Lagoon Blue bulb reportedly gives off a turquoise blue color that’s in the 16000 – 17000K range, making it an ideal replacement for bulbs like the Aquablue Plus for hobbyists who favor a much bluer look without sacrificing the power of the whiter bulbs. As with all of the Powerchrome bulbs, the Lagoon Blue will come in all of the standard lengths and wattages of 24″ (24w), 36″ (39w), 48″ (54w) and 60″ (80w).

Giesemann T5HO Colors

While the new Lagoon Blue is newly listed on the D-D The Aquarium Solution website with availability for both Europe and the US, we’re not sure if it’s actually started shipping to retailers or not. Regardless, the retail price will likely be around the same as others in the Powerchrome lineup…which we’re expecting in the neighborhood of $25-30.


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