Innovative Marine Makes Acclimation Look Easy with the AccuDrip


Innovative Marine AccuDrip

One of the most tedious processes that we encounter with our aquariums is the acclimation of new inhabitants. For new fish, corals, and invertebrates, the two hour drop-by-drop process takes up a big chunk of time and chances are you have accidentally sucked down some tasty saltwater a time or two when starting the siphon. And if you don’t perform acclimation through the drip method, then you’ve really wasted some time by manually putting water from the aquarium into either a floating bag or bucket that housed the livestock. Fortunately, the guys at Innovative Marine have a very simple device that not only takes the hassle out of acclimation, but also eliminates the possibility of sucking down a half gallon of tank water. Their new AccuDrip utilizes an elongated “J” pipe that extends far into the water, a drip chamber that also serves to start the siphon, and a rolling pinch clamp that regulates the dropper rates.

We got one of these AccuDrip acclimation tools late last week and will be releasing our hands-on review later this week. So far, the device works well, we just need a few more things to acclimate…so a trip to the fish tore might be needed. Until then, check out these photos of the new Auqa Gadget from IM.

AccuDrip Thumb Wheel Rolling Clamp

AccuDrip Siphon Drip Chamber

AccuDrip J Tubing

The AccuDrip, along with a few other products, are part of a new Auqu Gadget line from Innovative Marine. These new products are designed to help hobbyists in their journey, with items like the SkimMate protein skimmer and Spin Stream Nozzle designed specifically for the IM Nuvo aquarium line.


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