Precision Marine’s “Go Big or Go Home” Approach to Biopellets


Apparently the gang at Precision Marine really like their biopellets. The fabricators of acrylic aquarium products located in New Braunfels, Texas (which is virtually right in my back yard) either know how to have a little fun from time to time or have a serious hankering for the solid carbon dosing methodology. All joking aside, PM recently released a video showing their latest offering to the aquarium world, a new SR636 biopellet reactor that can be seen easily circulating 5 liters of the media in a single chamber! If you’re trying to do the quick math, that’s a filter capable of handling a 625-gallon aquarium if you go by the conventional 1 liter of pellets per 500 liters of total system water volume. And by the looks of it, there’s not a single pellet left unturned.

We don’t know how the pellets are being moved about so ferociously, but we assume that the reactor uses a penductor to shot a fast stream of water downward, forcing the pellets to tumble violently. On the flip side, the reactor could just be using a powerful pump to get the job done. Unfortunately, there’s not a shred of information on the video or PM’s website, so we’re left to speculate.

Since the product is so new and PM is a wholesaler, the price and availability haven’t yet been unveiled. As with most PM products, however, we don’t expect a big announcement revealing the finer details either. We will keep an eye out for this beastly pellet reactors at the local stores since PM makes the trip more than a few times per year.


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