Tip of the Day – 8/14/2012


In most situations, aquarium equipment can run flawlessly for months on end without needing to be broken down and cleaned. Most items are basically plug-and-play, maybe requiring just a little bit of tinkering and fine-tuning to get the item running at peak condition. Unfortunately though, the equipment’s functionality doesn’t always just depend on tearing it all apart for routine maintenance. All aquarium equipment, regardless of the type, relies on one thing…electricity. And we all know electricity and saltwater don’t play well together. Water splashing on power cords can eventually lead to equipment shorting out, either permanently damaging the item or at the least tripping breakers and causing all sorts of headaches. Because of this, power strips need to be suspended upside down inside aquarium stands, with drip loops and other preventative measures being taken to prevent water from damaging electrical equipment.


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