Tip of the Day – 8/19/2012


Apartment living can be tough on aquarium keeping. Someone else owns the facilities, so DIY projects are limited. Rooms on the ground level are scarce and often taken, so apartment aquarists often have to settle for the second floor or higher. While this may not be much of an issue for the average, this arrangement limits the options for those a little more entrenched in the hobby as the size of the aquarium is quite restricted. And to top all that off, some apartment complexes treat aquariums as pets, restricting their use with some archaic pet policy that enforces non-refundable pet deposits and other restrictions. So, if you’re in an apartment hunter with an aquarium, be sure to ask potential residences if they have elevators (they make things so much easier), if they consider aquariums as furniture or lump them in as pets, and if they’ll let you do some temporary modifications to the plumbing lines so you can run and RO/DI system.


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