Blue Life Safety Stop Takes the Hassle Out of New Fish Quarantining


Blue Life Safety Stop

Blue Life USA has an interesting new product coming out that is going to make new fish introduction into your aquarium a lot safer. Called Safety Stop, this two-part dipping solution isn’t aiming to completely eliminate fish quarantining, but because rarely anyone QTs these days, Blue Life hopes to spur some hobbyists into taking at least some precautions. After all, killing some external parasites is betting than doing absolutely nothing. The Safety Stop comes in a small packet with two individual liquids. Each liquid, a green one and a purple one, treats one gallon of water, and the entire dipping process can be done during acclimation. The veterinarian formulated dip works for both freshwater and saltwater, and kills parasites and other unwanted critters on your incoming fish before they break out in your aquarium.

Blue Life Safety Stop Retailer Package

One of the coolest things about the Blue Life Safety Stop is its price and packaging. A retailer will pick it up in 52-count boxes, which are small enough to fit right next to any cash register, and the retail price is around $5 per packet. It’s not a product you have to keep on hand or use a ton of, but you can pick one up as you pay for your new fish purchase and head out the door of your favorite fish store. It’s a simple product, with simple results and a great price, and that’s why we already love it.


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  • Instant quarantine? Fresh or Salt? Snake Oil!
    Marketing 101…Making false claims make for better sales.

    • Fish Are Osome!

      do you know anything about this product at all? So quick to dismiss. As a matter of fact, I just looked at some of your other posts and it appears you’re mostly negative in your posts, sorry for all you’re going through?
      Anyway, I would be interested in knowing the compounds and more about this product. Love the shiny packaging and cheap price and all… but tell me something other than some vetrinarian someone put their stamp of approval on it… what’s in it?!

      • Copper, formaldehyde, praziquantel, methylene blue, malachite green among several other harsh chemicals.