Tip of the Day – 9/25/2012


Because MACNA is just a few days away, we figured that the rest of our Tip of the Day articles for this week should be convention related. Today’s tip centers around packing for the three-day weekend of the show, or actually the lack of packing that’s required, as well as a little help on the dress code. Because airlines charge so much for luggage these days, it’s wise to pack as light as possible. Fortunately, there’s plenty of free clothing to be had at the vendor tables, which consists primarily of t-shirts, not to mention you can probably buy a MACNA 2012 shirt to help commemorate the event. This means you really just need to show up with what you’re wearing for the first day, and perhaps a few changes of underwear. If you plan on attending the banquet, it’s a good idea to pack a decent looking shirt and pants combo, or you could just go decked out in a Hawaiian shirt. Either of those options will fit right in, though there’s really no set dress code for any of the festivities.


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