Wildly Patterned Mimic Tang Spotted at Ocean Corals in the UK

Aberrant Mimic Tang

Photo credit: Paul at Ocean Corals

This is absolutely one of the most stunning tangs we’ve ever seen, and given the fact that it was captured in Papua New Guinea, we’re starting to question what’s in the water over there to give so many fish these crazy patterns. The juvenile mimic tang above, which was collected by EcoAquariums PNG and imported into Great Britain by EcoReefs UK, sharply steps away from the traditional yellow coloration that’s found in this species and the angelfish it has adapated to mimic and has taken on a wild pattern of blue and silver stripes and spots that cover its entire body. Because of the unusual patterning, it should come as no surprise that this particular mimic tang has been labeled as either an insane color morph or hybrid depending on who you talk to. Regardless of its genetic history, this mimic tang is truly unique and we’re very curious to see how it develops as it leaves the juvenile stage and takes on its adult coloration.

This beauty finds its way into the Eurpean market courtesy of Ocean Corals in the UK, who weren’t able to keep it in the tank long, for obvious reasons, as it was sold the same day the images were listed on the Ultimate Reef forums.

And just for fun, the gang at Ocean Corals UK decided to put a Chevron tang in the tank immediately next to the mimic tang. It’s quite obvious that the two fish share a similar pattern, which fuels the speculation of the fish being a hybrid…though we’re still betting on it being just an aberrant color form.

Aberrant Mimic Tang with Chevron Tang

Photo credit: Paul at Ocean Corals

Aberrant Mimic Tang

Photo credit: Paul at Ocean Corals


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  • John

    It will look fab when it gets it’s adult colours I can’t wait to see it brown is my favourite colour.

  • Alex

    I would like to see the hybrid lemon peels it is mimicking. This fish as nice as it is will end up ugly. Just google adult mimic tang. IMO as nice as this fish is the retailer has done a right number on the customer. I would never rip my customers off like that.

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