The Tiny Deltec SC 1350 Spied at MACNA


Deltec SC 1350

For many years, the Deltec brand of aquarium gear seemed to be reserved for only large to medium sized high end aquariums, but with the release of the relatively tiny SC 1350 Internal protein skimmer, which debuted at MACNA, the line is become more economical and more useful for the smaller crowd. The new SC 1350 crams all of the high performance features of larger Deltec skimmers into a tiny footprint, roughly 7.1″ x 6.3″ , and it is suitable for aquariums up to 500 litres (roughly 131 gallons). This baby Deltec, as it has been called, sports an internal pump that consumes only 9watts of energy while moving 450 lph of air. An air intake silencer keeps the skimmer running quietly, in fact we couldn’t even hear it while giving it a thorough lookover at MACNA. For long term maintenance, the entire SC 1350 can be dismantled for cleaning, which is always a bonus.

Following the break is a list of features straight from D-D The Aquarium Solution.

Deltec SC 1350 Internal Skimmer

Features – SC 1350

  • High performance skimmer
  • Low power consumption at only 9 watts
  • High air generation at 450lt/hour
  • Compact footprint
  • Flexible installation with regards to water depth
  • German manufacture
  • Long life expectation with all spares available.
  • Includes Water level micro adjust
  • Air silencer
  • Remote skimmer cup drain

Technical data – SC 1350

  • Dimensions (LxWxH) / mm – 180 x 160 x 500
  • Power consumption – 9 Watt
  • Airflow – 450 litre/hr
  • Water level – min. 150 mm / max. 250 mm
  • High stocking – 300 litres
  • Normal stocking – 500 litres

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