EcoSmart Beta Goes Live to the Masses


EcoTech Marine Ecosmart Software

The EcoSmart software for wirelessly controlling the EcoTech Marine Radions has officially become available to the general public, though it’s still in beta format. The software was first made available to a limited number of Radion users back in August, but EcoTech has fully pulled the veil off the software to let all Radion owners have their way with it. Again, this software is still in beta testing, so if you sign up to use it, be sure to send some constructive feedback to EcoTech Marine so that it can be made even better before its final release. In a nutshell, the EcoSmart software allows multiple devices to wirelessly communicate with the Radion light fixtures so long as one of them is plugged into an Internet capable PC or Mac via USB. While plugged in, the Radions can be controlled via the web browser on your Android or iOS powered device, or through a different computer.


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