Ecoxotic Introduces One Touch Controller


Ecoxotic One Touch Controller

MACNA was undeniable the stomping grounds for new LED technology, and as always, Ecoxotic was showing off their latest and greatest gear. Their newest product to grace our aquariums comes in the form of a simple, but very nifty LED controller called the Exocotic One Touch controller. Instead of focusing on just one narrow band of their product line, the One Touch can control pretty much anything and everything Ecoxotic has to offer, from Stunner Strips and Panorama Modules all the way up to the beefiest of Photon Cannons. Simply plug your Ecoxotic product into the controller, aim the remote control, and start adjusting the intensity until you get the light to look just the way you want.

The One Touch controller can handle 240 total watts of controllable goodness equally split across two channels. The remote control, which communicates via infrared sensors, is loaded down with buttons that allow end users to set the time on the controller and set up the lights to automatically ramp up or down depending on the time of day. In addition to the robust sunrise to sunset features, the controller can even simulate rolling cloud cover, if that sort of thing piques your interest.

The One Touch Controller isn’t quite available to the general public, but when it does start shipping out, it will be available for $109.

Ecoxotic One Touch Controller Remote


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