Fluval Debuts Rimless Marine Aquarium Line with Stylishly Hidden Water Line


Fluval Aquariums with Marine & Reef LED Strip Lights

Fluval continues their immersion into the wonderful world of saltwater with the quickly approaching release of their new line of rimless aquariums. The systems include the tank and stand, as well as LED lighting and some built-in filtration that’s hidden behind a false wall, not unlike other all-in-one aquariums currently on the market. To help give their tanks a stylish edge over the competition, Fluval uses some great looking stands and one very unique design accent.

The Fluval rimless aquariums hide the water line behind a thin strip of opaque glass that essentially frames the reef like an ultra modern picture frame. This strip extends around each side of the tank, hiding the water line and preserving the look from all angles. While many people like to see the water line moving up and down in the turbulent waters of a reef aquarium, that line can also be a terrible eyesore. For one, the intense motion of wavemakers can cause a nauseating wave that really detracts from the overall look and feel of the tank. Additionally, a lot of scum can accumulate at the water line, which is not even the slightest bit attractive.

The Fluval Sea Marine & Reef Performance LED Strip Lights and Nano Fixtures will be supplied with each of thelarger rimless aquariums, with the larger tanks getting the strip lights and the smaller will receiving the nano sized model of the same LED fixtures. Pricing and availability have yet to be finalized, but when that information surfaces we’ll be sure to update accordingly.

Fluval Rimless Aquarium with Hidden Water Line


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