Orphek PR-72 LED Pendant Shines at MACNA


Orphek PR-72

Continuing on with our coverage of MACNA 2012, we now turn our attention to the brand new PR-72 LED pendant from Orphek. This large pendant, which looks like a PAR38 pendant on steroids, borrows a lot of the same hardware used in some of the other Orphek fixtures, including the powerful LEDs found in the PR156XP fixture and the dimmable Meanwell drivers from the DIF series pendants. The 36 LEDs found in the pendant come in four different colors, including blue, white, UV and wide spectrum red. Focusing the light into the aquarium is a set of 120° optics that spread the light around but still give the pending enough penetrating power to adequately illuminate even the deepest of reef aquaria.

Orphek PR-72 LED

With all that power running through such a small area, Orphek built the entire body of the PR-72 out of aluminum, making it one big heatsink. The numerous fins dissipate heat away from the delicate electronics, preserving the useable life of the LEDs and preventing aquarium temperatures from climbing. To further reduce the threat of heat, the dimmable driver for the pendant is remotely located.

In addition to those features mentioned above, the new PR-72 has one additional ability that we really like. The dimmable Meanwell driver has a RJ45 connector that allows users to control the PR-72 via popular aquarium controllers like the AquaController Apex through the Apex Variable Speed/Dimming Module (VDM).

Orphek PR-72 Over Display Reef

Features as listed by Orphek:

  • Highest PAR per watt.
  • 36 high power LEDs tuned to the PUR spectrum to provide excellent coral and clam growth.
  • Maximizes natural colors of corals and clams.
  • Mean Well dimmable driver for improved efficiency and longevity.
  • UV and wide spectrum red, white and blue LEDs duplicate the PUR spectrum and giving an 16,000K -18,000K appearance.
  • Replaces energy wasting incandescent, florescent, and metal halide lighting.
  • Low energy use, typically 30% – 50% less than other lighting technology
  • Aluminum finned heat sink effectively dissipates heat from the LEDs ensuring long life of the electronics.

Orphek PR-72 PAR Reading


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