Seachem Reef Salt Salt Shipping in Boxed Form


Seachem Reef Salt Box

The salt we use in our marine and reef aquariums is expensive to ship, and there’s really no way around it. And with gas prices constantly on the rise, those costs are only going to get harder to swallow. To help alleviate some of the headaches with this, Seachem is going to start offering their Reef Salt in box form. Their popular 160-gallon salt mix that comes in the large buckets isn’t going away, but they hope to attract aquarists to the easier to ship boxes by upping the volume to 200-gallons for only a nominal increase in the price. For seasoned aquarists, this box of salt can actually be quite appealing, as they usually have too many buckets as it is. Not to mention, when the box is done it can be broken down to take up less space or even recycled.


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