Tip of the Day – 10/25/2012


Aquarium clubs are great places to meet like-minded folks. The events that are hosted at various times of the year bring people together to discuss relevant topics, let people exchange ideas, and even trade corals or equipment. Unfortunately though, these events are put on by thankless volunteers and the aquarium clubs rarely get enough helpers to make all of the events top notch. Because of this, the volunteer effort wains as the year goes on and events start to become less appealing for an already finicky bunch of aquarists. Membership levels and club activity take a downward turn, which only feeds back into the cycle turning off hobbyists. So, to make your aquarium club the best it can be, you need to volunteer. Maybe it’s helping with cleanup after an event. Or maybe your skills are best served as a guest speaker. Every little bit helps the club and it will make events more appealing to a larger crowd.


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