Tip of the Day – 10/29/2012


When locating your new aquarium build inside your home, be sure to know the layout of the water lines, electrical connections, and even what the floor is made of and how it is oriented. The water lines are not much of a deal breaker, as you probably won’t necessarily need to position your aquarium so close to RO/DI water and extra drains, though it’s certainly nice to have it that way. For the electrical layout, this is important if you don’t have any plugs nearby at all. Nowadays, most building codes require electrical outlets every couple of feet or so, which means electrical components are also less important. That said, when you start tripping breakers when the lights on the aquarium come on, then you’ll know what the headaches are. The last component is the floor. For homes with a foundation, this isn’t much of an issue unless you get a massive aquarium. For homes with crawl spaces and are elevated off the ground, be sure to position the aquarium across the floor boards so that the weight of the setup can be spread over a greater surface area.


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