Tip of the Day – 10/4/2012


Those tiny little ow watchman gobies, and other related shrimp/burrowing gobies, can be quite durable once they become established in a healthy marine aquarium. These fish are usually purchased for their great colors and overabundant personality, but they have the added bonus of being very hardy. These fish are so hardy, in fact, that they’ve been known to survive a trip to the sump, despite not being fed for weeks. Case in point, we have a little yellow watchman that liked to hanghout in the same particular once. That all changed, however, when we purchased several reef-safe invertebrates to put in our system. shortly after the introductions, the yellow watchman absolutely vanished. Our initial thoughts were that the brittle star gobbled up the unsuspecting fish, so we were surprised to tee the little goby swimming among the rubble rock in my sump. The fish had been down there for weeks with no food, and we suspect it just got lucky by avoiding impellers and olents water flow in some areas.


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