Interruptus Angelfish Shows Up at Route 66 Marine


Interruptus Angelfish Centropyge interrupta

It’s not often we get to talk about a new sighting of arguably the most beautiful dwarf angel in the world, but every time we see the Interruptus angel (Centropyge interrupta), it just makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. So much so that we’ll drop everything to drool all over what few images and videos we can get our hands on. And it makes us especially happy when one of these Japanese endemics finds its way into the US, which is the case for the most recent sighting.

The gang at Route 66 Marine, a California-based wholesaler, recently acquired one of these rare gems, and to no surprise it sold very quickly. There’s no word on who the angelfish went to or how much it will sell for, though others have sold for $2500+ at the retail level in the past. While only one of the Interruptus angels showed up, Route 66 states that more will show up in the near future.


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