Blue Squamosa Clams are Crazy Cheap at Phishy Business

Blue Squamosa Clams at Phishy Business

Blue Squamosa Clams on sale at Phishy Business

Looking for any last minute gift ideas for the reef keeper in your life? Or how about just getting a little something for yourself? Well here’s your chance to get your hands on the highly coveted blue Tridacna squamosa clam for next to nothing. Phishy Business, a fish store in Ohio that also operates on the web, has about a dozen of these beautiful blue squammies listed on their website for half off of their original retail price, which translates to a price of just $162.50 per clam! To give a little perspective to just how cheap this price is, the once extremely rare blue squamosa used to fetch $1000 per individual, almost regardless of size or color pattern. Now, this was prior to this year, and blue squammies have absolutely exploded onto the aquarium scene with tens of thousands of individuals flooding the market and driving down prices. Still, the average retail price of the clams was around $300-400 depending on the source, and this sale by Phishy Business lowers that floor even more.

So, are we now in an time where blue squammies are going to regularly be less than $200? With all of the French Polynesia Maxima clams that are currently fetching the highest value per clam and the huge influx of blue squammies this year, we say yes, at least for the forseeable future. That said, it should be noted that these blue squamosa clams don’t have the same pattern of the old school blue squammies that were once so expensive. Where this new strain of clams has more of a black mantle with large amounts of deep blue specs and splotches, the original blue squamosa clams (for lack of a better word) had more turquoise blue mantle with black stripes. In the eyes of the general consumer aquarist, this slight difference may not amount to anything, but in our eyes, it certainly does. Regardless, people still love the blue squammies (including us) and we’re happy to see them so affordable.


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