Insane Looking Hallucination Paly Shows up at ReefKoi


ReefKoi Corals Hallucination Paly

Hey all of you Zoanthid and Palythoa junkies, check this crazy morph out! Chris over at ReefKoi Corals recently listed this insane looking “Hallucination Paly” on his website, and it’s a stunner. The two polyp frag, which is accompanied by the always jaw dropping Darth Maul polyp, sports a neon green skirt and an orange center that is dotted with irregular black splotches. The paly almost looks like a cross between a Darth Maul and a Whammin’ Watermelon, taking the color from the watermelon and the black splotches and white mouth from the Darth Maul. Regardless of it’s possible lineage, the coral would definitely be a nice addition to any polyp collector’s garden. You’ll just have to pony up the $500 for this beauty, which is said to be the only one available for “a long time”. Given the overzealous spending atmosphere that the Christmas holiday creates, it’s might be a lot easier to sneak this stunning one-of-a-kind paly past the misses than during the non-holiday portions of the year. If you do get caught, you could always just say it was a present to yourself.


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