The Lil’ Chizler Makes for a Great Algae Scraper


Lil Chizler Algae Scraper

While digging through a pile of stuff from MACNA over the weekend, I happened across this oddly pink device in the bottom of one of the goodie bags. With the cute name of the “Lil’ Chizler”, this freebie from the good folks at MASNA is a hand held scraping tool that the manufacturer claims has a thousand and one uses. While aquarium scraping isn’t a claim on their website, obviously the guys at MASNA knew how we could benefit from such an items, so we decided to give it a try.

Lil Chizler from MASNA

Surprisingly, this little pink piece of plastic did really well in our extended use. We tried it on some of the toughest algae we could find, and in an acrylic aquarium at that. So a tough job that required a bit of delicacy. The Lil’ Chizler removed everything we through at it, even outperforming a handheld Kent Marine scraper with a plastic blade and a bevy of magnetic algae scrapers. And with rounded corners and the sides with uneven lengths, the scraper can be maneuvered into all sorts of corners and tight spaces with no issue.

So, for the $0.75 that this scraper costs, literally, this tiny little scraper is a fantastic product. It goes toe to toe with the expensive products, and while it does require a bit of elbow grease to use, it might actually shorten the amount of time you spend on tank maintenance. I know that it cut down on some of my maintenance time when my various magnet products just wouldn’t cut it.


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