Shark Filled Aquarium Busts in Chinese Mall


Aquariums are constantly popping up in new places like malls, doctors’ offices, and automobile dealerships, and we bet that none of those facilities would ever imagine having to worry about their peace-inducing amenities exploding and sending a mountain of water and aquarium livestock all over their patrons. Such is the case for the Orient Shopping Center in Shanghai, China, where a 33-ton acrylic aquarium burst, spilling water and sharks all over the people standing close by. A total of fifteen people were injured in the mishap, which consisted of mostly customers but also a few of the employees at nearby businesses and security officers. The massive aquarium failure happened the day after Christmas, and it didn’t appear in the video clip that there were very many people nearby when it happened.

Despite the massive calamity, only three sharks died during the incident. While this may seem like a large unnecessary loss of life, the potential for loss was far greater. The mall itself is lucky that nobody died in the incident, as it was clearly a violent accident that could have been worse if children, or anyone else for that matter, were close to the tank.

Officials at the mall have stated that they will not be replacing the aquarium after this incident.


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