Tip of the Day – 12/28/2012


If you top off your evaporated water the old fashioned way, dumping a bucket full of water into your aquarium, take plenty of precautions to prevent the freshwater from inundating your salty friends and try not to stir up any detritus in the process. If you dump a lot of water in at once, the fish and corals will be subjected to a lower salinity environment temporarily, which may cause undue stress. If you dump the water into a sump, which we recommend, avoid dumping it in areas where there’s a buildup of detritus, as that detritus will surely be disturbed and sent into the water column. To avoid both of these issues, top off the water a little at a time in an area of high flow. This will allow for quick mixing of the freshwater into the saltwater, and chances are there will not be any detritus in that area.


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