Tip of the Day – 12/7/2012


Want to prolong the life of your light bulbs without having to cut back on the hours of light your aquarium receives each day? There are a couple of different options that could help you along. For one, it’s best to drive the lamps at their proper wattage/voltage/etc. Lamps that are overdriven use more energy than they are optimally rated for and will not last as long. Additionally, lamps that are placed in an extremely hot environment and do not have proper ventilation will have a much shorter lifespan.


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  • Clive Bentley

    Overdriving, yes. That will shorten the life of any light source. Temperature though, is dependent on the bulb type. Fluorescents (T5/T8/PC) should have the end caps cooled, but not the bulb body (you’re looking to extend the life of the electrode). Metal halides should not be cooled at all, as higher temperatures increase their efficiency. On/off cycles are what ends up reducing the life of MH bulbs.