“True” Facts About the Anglerfish


Need a little chuckle to get you through the day? Well how about some really ugly anglerfish…and by ugly we mean like a rainbow of ugly. This recently uploaded YouTube clip presents “true” facts about anglerfish in a knee slapping sort of way. It presents the pitiful life of the male anglerfish, whose only function in life is to permanently attach to the female and act as a pair of gonads, as well as the camouflage and hunting strategies of the larger female anglerfish. There is even an interesting encounter with another camouflaged fish, a large flounder, which elicits a pretty intense reaction from the narrator.

The hunting strategies of the anglerfish, as examined in the brief clip, are presented in a way I never would have thought imaginable. The fish is said to be dangling various garments, such as a pashmina or a pair of leggings, in front of a shrimp. Because of the shrimp’s vanity, it approaches the clothing only to be consumed by the angler. Who would have thought shrim were so vain.

One last anglerfish is examined, that from the deep sea. The video describes the deep sea angler as having “glowy glowy bacteria in its wavy thing”, which is used to illuminate the depths as it is “dark as hell down there”. Continuing on with the theme of vanity, the narrator claims that the luminescent lure is there to “light up that pretty pretty lady”.


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