Innovative Marine Heading Across the Pond with New European Distributor


Innovative Marine

With a move that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, the brains at Innovative Marine have secured an agreement to have their entire product line distributed throughout Europe. Recently announced on the IM Facebook page, they have partnered with Nordic Reef, which is an up and coming player in the aquarium trade. The Denmark based company apparently has a good distribution network available to them that will provide hobbyists with some of the best the aquarim industry has to offer. All of the IM products, including the NUVO, SKKYE LIGHT, and AUQA GADGET series will be available in Europe starting this month.

More and more, we’re seeing aquarium equipment companies based in the US exporting their products across the ocean to our counterparts in Europe. This is obviously bucking the old trends when Germany dominated the aquarium scene and we imported all of our products from them. We still get a ton of our equipment from Germany and Italy, especially as the hobby grows and companies based in those countries respond accordingly, but it’s nice to see the American reef scene having a greater influence and impact.


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