Tip of the Day – 1/1/2013


It’s a brand new year, and the start of our fourth year here at the AquaNerd Blog. And to kick off things off in typical AquaNerd fashion, we’ve got our very first tip of the day for 2013.

When installing your light fixutre, powerheads, or any other equipment, make sure that external power supplies and lamp ballasts are located outside of the aquarium “splash zone” and away from excess humidity. The stand would seem like the most logical place to hide unsightly aquarium equipment, but in actuality it may be one of the worst. Water splashing out of the sump and high humidity tend to be prevelant within the stand, and without proper ventilation, metal items can corrode within a matter of weeks. If placing these items within the stand is a must, as is the case in most instances, be sore to provide proper ventilation and have some kind of physical barrier protecting your hardware from the nearby water.


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