Picture of the Week, Freshwater Planted Aquarium


Freshwater Planted Aquarium

Although we tend to focus primarily on marine and reef aquaria, we really have a healthy respect for all types, especially those gorgeous freshwater planted aquariums. Often described as harder to keep than a reef tank, these glass boxes have enjoyed a great deal of the spotlight in recent years and it’s a realm we’ve thought about covering from time to time. What makes these tanks stand out from other freshwater setups is that they are so meticulously kept. In these tanks, the plants are analogous to corals in a way, as they need to be carefully picked and placed within the aquarium. On top of that, various tank cleaners have to keep the algae off of the desirable plant life, and on occasion the plants need to be trimmed. And in similar fashion to reef tanks, a lot of extra equipment is needed. For example, CO2 needs to be constantly pumped in to feed the greenery and there needs to be a source of high intensity lighting. Despite all of the effort, a properly maintained planted aquarium can be a show stopper.


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