Purple Carpet Anemone with Neon Green Lobe Shows Up at RVS Fish World


Purple and Neon Green Anemone

Anemones have always been a favorite of ours, as they are fascinating creatures that are incredibly beautiful and serve as an integral companion to many clownfish species. Carpet anemones, in particular, are appealing because of their vibrant colors, and the latest Haddoni carpets from RVS Fish World only add to their allure. The Philippines based exporter of marine aquarium livestock recently got their hands on several beautiful carpet anemones, with individuals of the red, blue, and green varieties. But there was one that really stood out, and it wasn’t the rare and expensive red carpet. Instead, it was a purple-gray anemone that had an unusual patch of coloration on it.

The anemone, as seen in the images above and below, has one small portion of its tissue that doesn’t match the rest. The edge of one lobe has a touch of neon green, which stands out significantly. We can’t be sure what caused the green coloration, but things like the infectious green fluorescent protein and simple genetic traits can’t be ruled out. Regardless, the anemone is rather unique and it will command a high price once it hits the open market.

Green and Purple Carpet Anemone

Purple and Green Carpet Anemone

Purple Carpet Anemone with Neon Green


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