Tanked Gearing Up for New Season


Tanked 2013

Reality television junkies rejoice, the next season of Tanked is just around the corner. Starting March 22nd, the popular aquarium centric television show that follows the installs of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing will be returning to Animal Planet for yet another season. Follow the show on its new night as Brett Raymer and Wayde King build and install some of the most outrageous aquariums the hobby has ever seen. Given the show’s popularity, there’s no doubt that season four will consist of the same number of episodes as previous seasons, with each an hour long of course. And we’re sure that Tanked will continue to follow the format that has made it such a hit, and that is big builds, lots of drama, a few touching moments here and there, and jokes galore. So, if you’re a fan of the show or just want to fill another aspect of your life with aquariums, be sure to tune in.

As with the previous few seasons, we’re sure there will be plenty of cutting up and “reality tv” moments that are there purely for entertainment. We’re also sure the show will ruffle a few of our feathers, or scales to be more appropriate, as it does cause some concern for the aquarium keeping community. We hope disclaimers and a little more due diligence will be taken to make the show’s presentation a little more educational in the field of animal husbandry. Our criticisms of the show aside, it’s been a wonderful resource for children. It’s no surprise really, and it’s nice to see kids getting excited about this hobby.


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