Tip of the Day – 2/14/2013


Being the overambitious marine aquarist, it’s easy to join almost every aquarium forum and club that you come across. But as that initial excitement about the hobby wears off and a bit of time passes, many of those organizations fall to the wayside, often becoming completely forgotten after a while. Then at some point, you can’t even remember which clubs you have joined and which clubs you haven’t. Fortunately, there’s at least one time of year where you get tons of reminders as to which clubs you were once a part of. If you registered with a forum and included your birthday (at least day and month), then you will get an inbox full of “happy birthday” messages from all of those clubs in the days leading up to your actual day of birth. While you may not frequent any of these forums like you used to, having a list of forums that you once joined can be quite helpful. It will allow you to track down certain members or aquarium legends, or even offer a new place for you to seek help for issues or share cool stories.


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