Tip of the Day – 2/27/2013


In many homes with small children, parents often child proof their kitchen cabinets, wall outlets, and any other potentially dangerous item their little ones could encounter. But sometimes it’s not the kids who need protection. Aquariums often find themselves in the path of wandering children, and almost no unsupervised interaction ever goes well. Children toss items into the aquarium, usually fish food or an additive that’s easily accessible, or they grab controllers and other equipment with bright LED lights. We all know the many dangers that toddlers pose to marine aquariums, so it’s a good idea to put child locks on all of the cabinet doors and keep other items out of their tiny grasp. On a side note, curious children also put themselves in harms way any time they open an aquarium stand, as they could topple into the sump and possibly drowned.


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