Tip of the Day – 2/6/2013


When shipping corals that you’ve sold to fellow hobbyists located in different states, following a strict packing procedure is a must to ensure the corals arrive alive and healthy. For starters, only ship corals that have been fragged for a while and have encrusted onto their frag plug. Fresh cut corals don’t always ship well, and the stress from shipping could kill an already stressed frag. When shipping, be sure to use plenty of water and float the corals upside down with a piece of foam. This will ensure that the frags always stay submerged in water. Lastly, package the corals with plenty of insulation in a quality box and bagged in a couple or more plastic bags. Hot or cold packs may be necessary depending on the weather conditions of the corals’ destination. The goal is to deliver corals in the best possible health, and it’s always a pain to replace corals that arrive DOA.


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