AquaIllumination Offers Upgrade to Convert You AI Sol to a Vega


AI Sol to Vega Upgrade Kit

Whenever a brand new product comes out, there’s always that small crowd who bought the older product not knowing a new one was just around the corner. Buyer’s remorse immediately sets in, especially if the newer product has so many more features without an exhorbitant price jump, and sometimes a few feathers get ruffled. Such is the case for the AquIllumination Vega. When it first came out, we all know of at least one hobbyist who had just previously sank a small fortune into the Sol LED modules without any knowledge of what was to come. Fortunately, AI isn’t leaving this group of hobbyists without a solution. They’ve recently come up with a relatively affordable upgrade kit that turns your AI Sol into a much more powerful and feature-rich Vega.

The price per upgrade kit is $200 plus shipping and handling. For this price, hobbyists receive four LED PowerPucks and Driver Boards, one Vega mainboard, a complete set of 80 degree lenses, and a plastic housing that is either black or white depending on the user’s preference. All of the other hardware required to perform the conversion is also included. The upgrade kit is designed to be a do-it-yourself project, though AI does offer to perform this complete LED overhaul for free. Just send it to them and they will hook you up. Of course, this means your tank might be without light for a few weeks while they perform the upgrade and ship it back.

This upgrade kit is a welcomed sight, and it speaks volumes about the modularity of the AI product line. And on top of that, as some of the older Sol modules start to shown signs of aging, this would make for a great opportunity to do a little maintenance and refreshing, and it prevents you from having to buy a whole new light setup.


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