Evolution LED Adds Touch Screen Controllability to the Lineup


Evolution LED is making some major headway on updating their LED aquarium lights for 2013, with the newest feature being touch screen capabilities on their fixtures. As shown in the video above, the controllable Evo150 fixture sports a conveniently located touch panel that can turn the lights on or off, dim the two independently controllable LED channels, or select one of the fixtures many different operating modes. For those not wanting to vacate their chair to tinker with the lights, a remote control is also available for the fixture that can essentially perform all of the functions of the touch screen.

As for the other features besides the touch screen, this particular model has five rows of 15 LEDs , coming to 75 total. Each of the emitters is a 2-watt Epistar with 90 degree lenses. The light is spread across two independently controllable channels, blue and white, with the blue channel getting 45 total LEDs and the white channel getting 30. Also included in the white channel are 3 red and 3 green emitters, adding a touch of color to the warmer half of the light.

Because there are so many LEDs spread across two channels, the added controller gives the unit a bit more flexibility. The two channels can be manually dimmed or placed on a lighting program to similute cloud coverage or a sunny day, and the blue LEDs can be used as a moon light. During the moon light mode, two LEDs up illuminated and can be controlled from 0-10%. If the moon lighting is adjusted to greater than 10%, all of the blue LEDs turn on. After the settings for the fixture are in place, a nifty preview mode lets you look at the settings before making them official.

The touch panel Evo150 has a footprint of 8″w x 20″L and it is under 4 inches in height. Three silent running fans keep the lights internals at optimum operating temperatures, and it’s powder coated steel body keeps the electronics protected from the salty environment.

The Evolution LED website isn’t quite updated with this information, so we don’t have a retail price in hand at the moment. But, the fixture is currently available and we expect it to be under $500. And while it was never stated in the video clip, we assume other models in the lineup will be getting this same touch screen treatment.


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