Picture of the Week, Plate Corals Aplenty at Next Wave


Plate Corals at NextWave

Plate corals, like most other corals in this hobby, fall in and out of popularity on a routine basis. One day they are hot enough to command hundreds of dollars per individual, the next you couldn’t pay someone to take them off your hands. Fortunately, for plate coral lovers like ourselves, the first half of that statement was more in line with during NextWave 2013. Upon entering the vendor hall, aquarists were greeted with tanks full of the coolest looking plate corals we’ve seen in person. Heck, there was even a huge heliofungia in one vendor’s tank. All in all, we’d say that the plate corals dominated the single day trade show, and given their intense beauty we can certainly see why. We just hope they don’t disappear back into obscurity any time soon.


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