Jaw Dropping Seduction PE Paly Spotted at ReefKoi Corals


Seduction People Eater Paly

We meant for this article to post Friday, but it will just have to be your Saturday treat. Our friends over at ReefKoi Corals recently showed off one very beautiful Palythoa on their Facebook page. This single polyp, which has been called a Seduction People Eater Paly, sports vibrant colors arranged in a pretty wacky pattern. The skirt is a grayish color with neon pink tips and a slight hint of yellow, while the center is a dark purplish gray that is punctuated by a neon green mouth. A rich red ring separates the mouth and central disk from the paly’s skirt, and tons of white speckles are found throughout. It really is a neat looking paly. Unfortunately, however, ReefKoi only had one available and it sounds as though it has already been spoken for. The price for the single polyp frag was said to be $100. To no surprise, the frag never even made it onto the website, as it was sold straigt from this image on Facebook.


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