Starfish Traffic Jam Captured on Video


Starfish Traffic Jam

We all know how bad traffic jams can be. They make you late for work, wreak havoc on older cars, and are generally not a very welcomed part of your day. But this traffic jam is a little different. Instead of taking place in the concrete jungle, it takes place in the environment we aquarists love most, the ocean. Underwater photographer Karin Brussaard gathered up almost two and a half hours worth of still images and created a comical time lapse video showing the underwater highway that is the seafloor. And acting as the vehicles in this clip are starfish, and lots of them.

The video clip was sped up to be just a little more thanĀ  a minute long, and it was taken in the Philippines on sort of a whim. Karin usually photographs sharks and other more exciting reef inhabitants. This time, however, she turned her focus to a new subject just to see what she could find. After an initial failed attempt, Karin finally gathered up the photos of the the starfish crawling all over, bumping into each other while they wander aimlessly across the sand.

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