The New ORA Mint Pavona isn’t your typical Cactus Coral


ORA Mint Pavona

Another week and another new aquacultured piece from the expert coral growers at Oceans Reefs & Aquariums. ORA recently revealed their beautiful new Mint Pavona (Pavona frondifera), which they obtained from who else but Julian Sprung. This particular species of Pavona has a delicate, leaf like growth form that makes it stand out when compared to others of the genus that exhibit a much denser growth. It is a fast grower that is very hardy and has a rich green color that stand out even in natural sunlight, as exhibited in the image from ORA above.

Like other Pavona corals, this minty variety enjoys being under lower intensity lighting with adequte water flow. That green will obviously pop under actinic lighting, and it will do best when placed down low in the aquarium. The ORA Mint Pavona should start showing up at retailers any time now, and we can’t wait to get our grubby paws on another Julian Sprung sourced coral.


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