Tip of the Day – 3/11/2013


Sitting through four guest speakers at NextWave this previous weekend, we heard a whole bunch of great advice for beginner and advanced aquarium keepers alike. Little did I know that I’d get to experience one of these tips in the first person that weekend. Scott Fellman broke from his presentation to tell us about a particular dwarf angel that he’d been pursuing for many years. Every time he tried to purchase this fish, the price was just a little too high for his liking. But as time progressed, that price just continued to climb, and it got to the point that this fish was well out of just about anyone’s price range. Eventually, he became somewhat bitter toward the fish, as it was something that was within his grasp at one time but his inaction prevented him from ever owning it. His take home message was to buy the fish of your dreams now, instead of waiting. Applying it to my situation, I was roaming the vendor halls of NextWave and stumbled across a miniature red carpet anemone. It was listed at $80, and I’m sure I could have gotten that price down toward the end of the show, but I never pulled the trigger. To see just how much of a mistake that was, I visited the website of the vendor and the coral was more than twice was it was listed at for NextWave. So, maybe my normally cautious approach didn’t serve me well that day.


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