Tip of the Day – 3/26/2013


Need to move an anemone but its foot is buried deep in a rock crevice or some other tight space? Well, prying it out may have crossed your mind, but it’s certainly not the right approach. Cutting the rocks around the anemone might work, but it could ruin your rock structure or the overall look of the layout in the process. Before you do anything too drastic, try pointing a narrow stream powerhead directly at the foot of the anemone. This will create a gentle, yet forceful water flow that will either break the connection between the anemone’s foot and the rock substrate, or it will cause the anemone enough discomfort that it will move on it’s own. And that’s when you strike. When the anemone has been dislodged, peel it from the rocks and do what you will with it.


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