New Dreambox Heating Holder from Royal Exclusiv


Dreambox Heating Holder 25mm Bar Overview

Aquarium heaters are both a loved and loathed piece of equipment. On the one hand, they help regulate the water temperature, which is especially important during the winter months. On the other hand, heaters have been known to fail and some have even melted sumps and other nearby gear. To answer at least a one of those concerns, Royal Exclusiv has developed a simple Heating Holder to keep your aquarium heater from contacting nearby equipment and melting a hole in your sump.

The key to this product is simplicity. The Heating Holder is made from CNC milled PVC, and from the looks of it, it’s a pretty beefy disk. It holds the heater upright and sitting in one place, preventing it from touching the sump or other gear. The socket that holds the heater measures 100mm x 30mm tall. The Heating Holder has a retail price just over 47 EUR, putting it somewhere north of $60. Please note that the heaters are sold separately.

I’ve personally burned a spot into the side of a sump before, so there’s no doubt that I’m excited about this simple product.


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