Semi Two Faced Clam Spotted at Pacific East Aquaculture


Chimera Tridacna clam

Tridacnid clams come in a wildly varying array of colors and patterns, but we’re quickly becoming really fond of the two-faced clams that have trickled into the aquarium hobby over the last couple of years. That latest addition to this rare group comes to us from Pacific East Aquaculture, and off all the two-faced clams we’ve seen, this one has had the highest quality image assocated with it, helping us enjoy that beauty even more.

This two-faced maxima clam predominately sports a gold coloration that has a large section of blue mantle on the left hand side (when looking at the image above). Various blue chunks are also scattered about. The retail price is set at $299, which as far as clams go, put its right near the top of the price range. Regardless, the clam would make a killer addition to any clam connoisseur’s collection.


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