True Facts About the Sea Pig


We’ve had an absolute blast watching all of these hilarious “True Facts About” videos, and this latest one on the sea pig ranks right up there with the rest. It chronicles the life of the deep ocean dwelling sea pig, as well as its more tropical cousins, sea cucumbers. The narrator does some comparison between land pigs and sea pigs, and how their bacon doesn’t quite taste the same. The comparisons don’t stop there, however, as the video shifts towards sea cucumbers by way of some land cucumber talk.

The clip doesn’t spend much time on sea pigs, actually, but gives a more generalized overview of sea cucumbers. It pokes fun at sea cucumber anatomy and defenses, including a little bit about the pearlfish’s habits of living inside the anus of the sea cucumber. The clip reconnects with the sea pigs toward the end, revealing a few interesting facts about parasites that feed off of them and the fact that they don’t have a brain.


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