GHL Releases Newer, Bluer Mitras LX 6200 HV LED Fixture


GHL Mitras LED

When it comes to features and capabilities, there are few LED fixtures that can compare with the GHL Mitras. Even at more than a year old, the sleek looking fixture is still ahead of the game in terms of what all it offers, and it will be years before some of the other LED brands catch up. But GHL isn’t going to sit idly by while the competition closes those gaps. In addition to working on the Mitras LED strip lights, they are also releasing a new model of the Mitras, the LX 6200 HV.

Little will change for the new Mitras with regard to the fixture housing or even the overall functionality. Where the changes are coming, however, are the spectra of the LEDs. Due to popular demand, the Mitras LX 6200 HV will shift its color pallet to the bluer side by offering 9 separately dimmable colors. The resulting look has a more intense blue peak, which yields higher PAR values.

As for the LEDs, the LX 6200 HV is just oozing with colors. It has12 x Cree XP-E blue, 12 x Cree XT-E cool white, 12 x Cree XT-E royal blue, 6 x Cree XT-E neutral white, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL true green, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL sky white, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL blue white, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL hyperred, and 6 x hyper violet 425 nm emitters. This layout differs from the Mitras LX 6100 HV (aka the original) by ditching the Osram Oslon SSL yellow and red LEDs and replacing them with Osram Oslon SSL sky white and blue white diodes.

In terms of pricing, the new Mitras LX 6200 HV will be priced the exact same as its predecessor at $1199. Additionally, upgrade kits can be purchased that will convert your 6100 into a 6200, and those will run $299.


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