Mitras LED Full Spectrum Light Bar Teased in Digital Renderings


GHL Mitras LED Light Bar

Last year saw the introduction of the Mitras LED light fixture, which was GHL’s first stab at LED lighting. The Mitras has proven to be quite the formidable alternative to big names in the lighting game like the Radion or the AI Vega, and it appears GHL is only about to add to the versatility of the Mitras lineup. The company best known for their high end aquarium controllers is in the planning stages of their Mitras Full Spectrum LED Light Bar.

There are currently no real details about this new Mitras Light Bar, as the product has only been digitally rendered and is still early in the design phase. That said, we can certainly speculate, at least for fun. If this Mitras LED Light Bar does come to fruition, the light would probably be geared toward smaller aquariums like nano reefs. The GHL Mitras already has such a large coverage area, and multiple units can be easily strung together to cover large tanks, so it doesn’t make sense in our minds that the Light Bar would be a very large fixture at all. In fact, we think it’s aimed squarely at those aquarists who don’t need all of that coverage from the original Mitras, but something a bit more subdued. Of course, all of this remains to be seen, so we might be way off.

If the current design of the Mitras Light Bar holds true to the end, we can expect to see a light that has built in legs, which are probably extendable, and a long string of powerful LEDs wrapped in a fancy looking heatsink. We’re sure multiple sizes will be available.

Other than our speculation, no hard facts have been released. But when they do, we’ll be all over it.


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