Oculus Aquatics Closes Its Doors for Unspecified Internal Reasons


Oculus Aquatics

It’s with sad news that we report today that Oculus Aquatics, a company well-known for their amazing corals, has officially closed its doors. The coral wholesaler stopped all business activities on May 7th due to what they describe as “internal reasons”, which were not specified in their announcement. As with any major news like this, the rumors mills are cranking out all sorts of stories on the forums and blog sites, but we really haven’t been able to confirm too much of what’s being claimed, so we will just stick to the actual email sent out to all of Oculus’ customers.

Continue below for the official statement from Oculus.

It is with regret that we must inform you that Oculus Aquatics will be closing permanently on May 7th, 2013.

Oculus Aquatics LLC has been importing, farming and distributing ornamental aquatic livestock for four years, and has been proud to be a contributor to the growth of a great number of retail businesses in our industry. Our recently established tranship business model yielded outstanding results and delivered a promising future to our company.

Unfortunately, due to internal reasons of the Oculus Aquatics LLC ownership we have been informed that the partnership will be dissolved and we will be unable to continue trading.

We thank you for your business and are pleased to have been able to work with you.

We wish you all the best and we encourage you to reach out to the former members of our team who will continue to work in our industry, as we are very grateful and supportive of their future endeavors.

Yours sincerely,

The Oculus Aquatics Team


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