Orphek Announces 4th Generation DIF 100 LED Pendant


Orphek DIF 100

Orphek is constantly updating and tweaking their product line to stay on the cutting edge of the latest LED technology, and their latest string of updates is coming to one of their proven performers, the DIF 100 LED pendant lamp. The major changes coming to this fourth iteration of the DIF 100 include a smaller form factor that helps shed weight, a quick release connector for the multi-chip LED, a swivel ball locking mount, and increased protection from the humid environment with high grade silicone seals. In addition to those updates, the DIF 100 v4 also offers four different lenses that can be interchanged, allowing it to be used in multiple applications.

The new mounting hardware for the DIF 100 is a huge step up from the previous generations. Where the older pendants were totally lacking in that department, the new model has a swivel ball locking mount that allows the pendant to be pointed in any direction imaginable. The lamp can be mounted to a wall, inside of a canopy, or anywhere else that you would hold its weight. The hanging hardware is made of stainless steel.

As for the smaller size, Orphek was able to shrink the outer housing of the DIF 100 while also reducing heat by 15 degrees C. This is helped along by the aluminum body that acts like one big heatsink and the fact that the Meanwell LED driver is located remotely, outside of the fixture.

In terms of color choices and depth penetration, the DIF 100 v4 can be customized to fit the needs of several different applications. Besides the four different lenses, the spectrum for this Orphek LED ranges from 10K to 25K, and users can swap out the LED chips to those of other color choices if they so choose. In addition to all of those features, the new Orphek DIF 100 pendent also features a built-in controller connection that allows various aquarium controllers to dim the light.

Orphek DIF 100 LED Pendant Version 4

Orphek DIF 100 LED Pendant Lens

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