Picture of the Week, Halloween Hermit Crab


Halloween Hermit Crab

Hermit crabs are often received with mixed emotion. For one, they serve a great purpose in cleaning up the aquarium and they add a little more entertainment. On the other, hermit crabs can become a nuisance as they eat snails, knock over corals, and do other damage. But, those comments seem to just apply to your average reef hermits and are ignored when you are at your local store and feast your eyes on one that’s a bit more appealing to the visual senses. That’s where the Halloween hermit crab steps in. These “crabs” have thin, bright orange stripes all over their bodies that sit on top of a darker background color. Their antennae and eye stalks are bright orange as well. Other than the coloration, there is really nothing different about the Halloween hermits. They eat detritus and leftover fish food just like all the others, only they do it with a bit more flare.


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