Tip of the Day – 5/10/2013


Fish typically get very excited at feeding time, often going into a frenzy and possibly even damaging other fish as the food floats by. But not every fish will get worked up. In fact, some fish won’t even come out when the food is first introduced to the aquarium. This behavior can be limited to individual fish or entire species, and if the fish don’t get fed, they can quickly starve to death. Because of this, these timid fish will need special attention. Target feeding sometimes works, provided you can distract the more aggressive eaters long enough to get food to the other fish. Other methods of feeding will require a bit more creativity. Live foods might work too, and you might have to feed during nighttime hours. Some fish, like many of the angelfish, require specialized foods like sponges and tunicates. Either way, you need to get your fish to eat, and to eat something that will provide plenty of nutrition.


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